Post-natal Stroller Workout(Mama+Baby)

These classes are designed specifically for women after they are cleared to workout from their doctor(6-8 weeks postpartum)


Empowering your mind and body after pregnancy to help improve how you feel physically and emotionally, boost your confidence and increase your energy. All this, while also being a part of a community with other like-minded women who have also just had a baby. Be lead by a trained fitness specialist to ensure that you do the correct exercises to bring your body back after having a baby. Special attention is given to strengthen the core, low back and posture.The best part is that you don’t need to arrange for a sitter. Bring your baby in the stroller with you(myself included) and together we will start the journey together!

Classes will start in Oosterpark Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays In mid April to Early June 2019. Please email me to get on the waiting list and a time will be determined with the group.

Increase your fitness

These workouts are safe, and will be adjusted to your fitness level every part of the way. We will do a check for Diastasis recti to ensure you have the proper exercises to bring your body back in alignment.

Small Classes

The classes are intentionally kept small so that I  can keep a close eye on every participant. Think of it as personal training together with your community of like-minded women.


A combination of strength training and yoga exercises that are modified specifically post natal mamas. Relaxation exercises are structured in the end of the class to leave you feeling renewed and energised.


Trial Class

5 Class Pack

10 Class Pack


(Contact for specific location and sign up)


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