A few words about me...


I am a native Californian who picked up my things and moved my life to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. My clients include people that are ready for a change and want personalized advice that helps create a better life for themselves and improve the connection of the mind and body.  I work with each person on a personal basis, while focusing on achieving long-term results through fun, challenging and varied workouts.  I am known for my expertise in building programs that fit your exact need and level based on your lifestyle and time restraints as well as how your body is designed to move. My ultimate goal with my clients is to establish sustainable habits. I do not believe in short term diets for fast weight loss because I feel that these results are only a temporary result. Therefore, I look for people that want to make a permanent change for a better and healthier life!

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, my dynamic approach, humor and energy only add to the effectiveness of my work. Helping a diverse group of clients has only widened my knowledge and methods. I incorporate strength training and mobility training to build a solid foundation for movement. Most importantly, I provide a thorough intake with my clients to find out what their past fitness experiences are and I try to incorporate some of those things that they enjoyed into their current training programs, while still accomplishing the goal at hand.

My certifications include ISSA, International Sport Science Association and a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I have also gained certification in massage. My education will never end, as I am always looking for new ways to push and challenge myself as much as I can in order to do the same with my clients.

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