Holistic Personal Trainer

Synchronizing the

Body and Mind 



My Approach

"A person who doesn't breathe deeply reduces the life of his body. If he doesn't move freely he restricts the life of his body. If he doesn't feel fully, he narrows the life of his body. And if his self-expression is constricted, he limits the life of his body." -Alexander Lowen

I believe in a holistic approach which is based on giving your body what it needs at that moment in order to move and feel better throughout your day. As human beings, our bodies are in a constant state of fluctuation and it is our job to learn what our body needs to restore the balance. I take a more intuitive approach(auto-regulatory approach) to training my clients. This means that I observe each person on a day to day basis to see how far I am able to push or how much I need to back off. I believe the body is constantly telling us what it needs and I think that we should listen more closely to these signals. This method means that there will be days when taking a lighter load is necessary and there will be sessions when you can push your body further then you have ever thought. 

There is no typical session that I can describe, as all my sessions are dependent on who I am working with. However, I do follow a fundamental philosophy. I always take a deep look into a persons personal history, current complaints, lifestyle, posture, movement patterns and mobility patterns in order fully understand the right approach I need to take. I believe in a holistic approach to personal training and I strive to teach my clients how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. I believe that the body is a representation of the mind. With a strong body, comes the development of even a stronger mind. The following things are what I believe produces results; these things are making changes in your:





Alison helped me to change my eating habits, and took my training and body to a whole new level! She taught me what, when and how to eat right in relation to my goals (building muscles, losing fat, etc.) and she designed a personalized program to truly transform my body.
She has a very sensitive approach, and is extremely dedicated and careful of coaching you in a way that is not only super effective but also sustainable. She does not only coach you to transform your body, but also to transform your health, and the relation you have with your body, food and exercise, in a truly mindful way. Once you start training with her, if you’re dedicated and consistent, you will not only see awesome changes, but you’ll make of fitness a lifestyle, that’ll last forever and not just a few months!
— Isabel R.
Alison is the type of personal trainer that brings out the best in you. I was really surprised to see how quickly I got results from training and coaching thanks to Alison!
— Rudie K. Journalist/Writer
The best personal trainer in Amsterdam - Alison is experienced, supportive and really commits herself to helping you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. I recommend her to anyone looking for a warm, knowledgeable trainer - and added bonus, she is a brilliant masseuse!
— Sarah H., Amsterdam
I can’t say enough good things about Alison. For years I worked out in gyms and never lost any weight or gained any muscle. Then, I came across Alison’s ad, hired her and have been working out with her since April of this year. I look forward to spending time with her each and every week. She’s really changed my life for the better.
— Michelle D.
Alison has changed the way I think and act about health and eating habits. She is a support in all facets of self-improvement. With training and diet coaching catered to the individual need and level she pushes you forward. Alison has been there throughout my journey teaching me to break my habits and to take control. I have never been stronger or healthier.
— Rikke W.